Ideal Metro-Detroit Neighborhoods for Families

Are you among the many who first moved from their childhood home to pursue academic or vocational training for a chosen career or trade? After that, did the location of your job or business influence where you moved to? Or does a new business, relationship, family, job or promotion have you considering relocating and planning to purchase real estate? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and/or are considering moving to a neighborhood in Detroit, a reputable and reliable realtor can help.

When you’re headed to Plymouth, Canton, Livonia or the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods, the name to remember for help in finding your perfect home is Kime Realty. A couple-owned business, these professionals have walked and talked more than 2,000 families through buying, selling and other real estate transactions in Southeast Michigan. Reviews on Zillow and Google illustrate the level of expertise and dedication, which has amassed a wide base of happy clientele. 

Looking to Buy a Family Home in a Metro Detroit Neighborhood?

If you’re considering a real estate purchase, Detroit neighborhood factors are certain to come into play when choosing the location. Some areas offer more than others depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re in the market for a family home near Metro-Detroit, there are three particular neighborhoods worth thinking about. Considered some of the safest and offering all the amenities a family needs, These are:

1) Canton

Located west of Detroit, Michigan, Canton is one of the most flourishing cities, with an average annual household income of almost $100,000. One of the safest areas in the entire country, Canton has an abundance of amenities. Crescent Academy International caters to students with an Islamic-based learning system. Another top performer is South Canton Scholars, a charter school dedicated to providing a moral focus program and college-prep education. A high-performing public school system is also available.

Canton is home to hospitals and private practices that provide excellent health care services, while reliable utility companies and local service providers handle everything from auto repair and garbage collection to maintenance or tree services. 

2) Plymouth

This region covers the city of Plymouth and Wayne County's Plymouth Charter Township that surrounds it. Both areas can access the same public services and amenities. Plymouth is a busy urban and industrial center. Some of the best amenities available are specialized schools, such as Intuit Art Studios, which teaches different forms of art to people of all ages. Metro Dance Music, Plymouth School of Music, Plymouth-Canton Expressions Music Academy and The Harris Conservatory of Music cater to aspiring musicians and dancers. Nice public and private schools for all ages are available here and there’s no shortage of utility, services, or leisure/entertainment either.

3) Livonia

Livonia is a picturesque city located on the northwest side of Wayne County. It is mostly a residential district that serves the surrounding industrial parks and urban city centers. High schoolers enjoy world-class facilities at Livonia Public Schools’ Stevenson High School, and middle schoolers find a diverse and all-inclusive education at Holmes Middle School. It’s always a fun and activity-filled day at Hoover Elementary School and it's all about immersion in Japanese culture at Niji-Iro Japanese Immersion Elementary School. Other public and private schools for kids of all ages are also available here.

Livonia is well served by local maintenance and utility companies and is home to several health care providers in general hospitals and private practices. There are also a good number of leisure and entertainment spots for enjoying downtime.


A good place to start your search for properties available near Metro Detroit is to view listings of available homes online. These can give you an idea of what’s available, along with the price ranges of different home styles and sizes. Once you narrow down what you’re looking for, get in touch easily using the online form and a representative will reach out to you right away. If preferred you can opt to schedule a Zoom meeting to talk at length about what you’re looking for and where you can find it in your budget. 

Finding the perfect space to call home, where you and your family can grow, bond and pursue your hopes and dreams is a specialty for the team at Kime Realty. Get in touch for help in finding that special spot for you!

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